My name is Angela Ryan. I live in Ballarat with my wonderful husband and two beautiful children, work as a lawyer in Melbourne and am now founder of the Ballarat World Transformation Movement Centre, which I am beyond thrilled about!

Angela Ryan World Transformation Movement Ballarat founder reading ‘FREEDOM’

I am so glad that I am alive today to witness this monumental moment in our Earth’s history, where everyone in the world will soon begin to understand the dignifying and redeeming biological truth about us humans! For me, this is exactly the time of our species’ liberation from the horror of the human condition that the prophets in the Bible's gospels and in other sacred texts were all anticipating would one day be possible. It is reminiscent of what the people in the ’60s generation of ‘peace, love and happiness’ were beginning to understand before that movement ended.

I grew up in Pennsylvania in the USA, I went to Penn State University and moved to Australia in 2001. I am now in my 40s, but I remember when I was 21 and how at that exact age, when I was studying at university in America and I felt I needed to go on a quest to find the REAL answers. But at that time, I didn't really know where to start so I turned to the religion of my youth. I really loved learning the stories in the Bible and I wanted to believe that it would save me and the world. I mean, it had to right? It's the Bible! If it wasn't the answer, then what the hell was?

But there was something deep within me that just didn't feel satisfied. What I was reading in the Bible was, as we know, very truthful, it just was not sticking in my mind enough to transform me in the way that I was hoping. I then started reading countless self-help, personal development, and other spiritual 'new-age' books. I even turned to yoga! But still, nothing. And by then, I was already giving up. I no longer went searching for the answers in any spiritual way. I felt that to survive I had to turn to intellectualism. I went to university, became a lawyer, worked in government policy and gave up on my search for truth and the meaning of life which was deeply saddening.

FREEDOM books lined up on grass - World Transformation Movement Ballarat

And then, I can't even begin to describe how or why but just in the nick of time, whilst going about my normal day to day life, still living in a fog, learning how to adjust to an unjust and horrible world, I happened to stumble across Jeremy Griffith's FREEDOM in an obscure little book shop in a little Victorian town in Australia! The book's colours were BOLD, the claims on the front cover were even BOLDER. But, I was so intrigued that I bought it and read it and there, finally, THE ANSWERS!!! Beautifully presented by Jeremy Griffith!

My life has not been the same since, and I have been loving the freedom and wisdom. I treat everyone now with so much respect and so much compassion, loving everyone! And it will be truly a wonderful day when the whole world understands this information. It's great, it is literally Earth shattering for me and I cannot encourage you more to learn about these great scientific insights that can change the world.

Glasshouse and roses in the Ballarat Botanic Gardens

I found this picture of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens recently on a Facebook group I follow. When I saw it, I knew I just had to put it up on the WTM Ballarat website! I don’t know who took the photo but whoever it was, surely, they understand how stunningly beautiful our world truly is. It is so special to be able to recognise the beauty and magnificence of the local community in which you live.

Another reason why I wanted to post the picture is because it also reminds me of the knowledge I am acquiring daily by being part of the World Transformation Movement. By reading Jeremy Griffith’s book Freedom: The End of the Human Condition, Freedom essays and the founding members’ Transformation stories, I am beginning to grasp that at the end of the day, it does not matter who I am, where I come from, how much trouble I’ve been through or how much pain or unhappiness I might have suffered, all of that is irrelevant. What is relevant now is being part of this movement, part of the Sunshine Army on the Sunshine Highway to a world of absolute SUNSHINE - a world of true liberating FREEDOM!